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Buying with installmentsUpdated 7 months ago

At Revibe, we provide convenient installment payment options via Tabby for your purchases. 

Appreciate your cooperation on this! Here's how you can take advantage of this feature:

Selecting Installment Payments during Checkout:

Tabby Payment Option: At the checkout page, you'll see the Tabby installment payment option. Simply select this payment method when completing your purchase.

Learn More: To get detailed information on using the installment payment option, you can visit our article here

Revibe Installment Feature:

Additionally, we've recently introduced Revibe installments! Here's how to explore this option:

Choose Your Device: Add a device to your cart.

Check Eligibility: After selecting a device, you'll see the option to choose Revibe installments. Check your eligibility and enjoy a smoother payment experience.

If you have any further queries or need assistance, feel free to explore our article for more information or reach out to our support team. Enjoy a flexible payment experience with Revibe!

Just a heads-up: we only allow one device per user. If we notice two devices during verification, the second one will be automatically canceled. Thanks for understanding!

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