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What are Revibe device conditions?

Below are the descriptions for everyone of the Revibe grades:. Excellent. Very Good. Good:

Are Revibe devices original?

Yes, all Revibe products have been certified by our experts after testing as original. We spend tremendous amount of effort in making sure we avoid any counterfeits when selecting the best suppliers by testing their devices and ensuring they are all

What does refurbished mean?

A refurbished device is a pre-owned device that has undergone tests, checks and repairs as necessary to ensure it's in full working order before being sold on. Refurbished phones are graded and priced according to their condition. Refurbished phones

Are Revibe devices waterproof?

Revibe devices are not always waterproof. Some devices are opened during the refurbishing process so that tests can be conducted by our sellers. This means waterproof sealing cannot be guaranteed. While our sellers would still do their best to handle