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How to Purchase an Extended Warranty?

Enhance your peace of mind with our Extended Warranty!. Easily add extra protection to your purchase by choosing to include it during your order or within 10 minutes afterward. Key details:. The extended warranty is available for only 1000 AED. It co

I am facing issues with my device

Need to Return Something? Here’s How!. Got an item that’s not quite right? No worries! Just make sure to fill out our online claims form within the first 10 days after it arrives. This is super important - if the form comes in late, it might be trick

How long would it take for the device to be fixed?

When you inform us about any issues, we'll swiftly start the return process to send the device back to the supplier for inspection and necessary checks. If the device needs repairs, our vendor takes approximately 15 days for careful inspection and fi

Does Revibe provide a warranty?

We want you to know that all our products come with a standard one-year warranty, just like new items do. Our warranty policy covers any issues with the product both hardware and software during this time. Our team is here to replace or fix devices i

What is covered by Revibe warranty?

At Revibe, we've got your back with every purchase you make. With our 12-month warranty, you're covered just like when you buy something new. Our warranty covers product defects both hardware and software issues during the warranty period. It include

My battery is draining fast

Most battery issues can be fixed by doing a few simple things to make your battery work better. Check out this guide from Revibe. Here are some steps to make your battery last longer. Even if we give you a new battery, you might still have the same p

“Important Message” or “Unknown Part” warning from Apple?

Why am I getting this message?. If your device is displaying an "important message" from Apple regarding any parts (including battery, display, and camera), it means some repair work has been done on your device, especially on the replaced component.

What is not covered by Revibe warranty?

In the rare case that your device has issues, Revibe has your back. We'll sort out the return and service through our seller, you need to let us know about the problem within the warranty's 12-month period. Just keep in mind, that the device can't ha